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Thursday, March 8, 2007

DHA Board Election - Nominate Someone

To: The General Membership
Date: March 5, 2007
Re: Detroit Hockey Association Board Election

Hello everyone! The season is just about over. This year is an election year. The election will take place at our annual awards banquet, which is schedule for April 1, 2007. If you are interested in running for a position on the Detroit Hockey Association board you may nominate yourself or if there is someone you would like to nominate for a particular position you may nominate them. Please remember the person you nominate must accept or decline to run for the position. There will be nomination forms as well as a box to place your nomination form into. These boxes will be located at the concession stand and also at the DHA information board located near the pro-shop.

There a re a total of 9 positions to run for on the Detroit Hockey Association board. The positions that you may run for are: President, Vice President, Director of Teams, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Secretary/Treasurer, (2) At Large Members and President Emeritus (*this position is only needed if a new president is elected). You may find a copy of the various positions and the responsibilities of those positions according to the Detroit Hockey Associations by-laws posted at the DHA information board. You may also find this at the Detroit Hockey Association web-site

The individuals that are nominated will then be place on a ballot. These ballots will be presented to the general membership at the awards banquet and there will be a vote. The votes will then be counted and the winners announced. The winners of the election will maintain their particular positions for two years until the next election.
*Please note that current Detroit Hockey Association board members may be re-elected or may maintain their positions if no one is elected to their current position.

So if you would like to run or know someone you think would be a good candidate place your nominations. All nomination forms are due by March 20, 2007 to ensure that we can have ballots made and available for the banquet on April 1, 2007.

Thanks in advance for all your continued support and good luck to all the candidates!

The DHA Board

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