This Blog provides Detroit area youth hockey news. It was originally the blog of the now defunct Detroit Hockey Association, the most affordable youth ice hockey organization in Michigan based at Jack Adams Arena in Detroit. The Clark Park Coalition keeps this tradition alive in Southwest Detroit.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Go Tigers!

The World Series home games start Saturday Night.
Go Tigers!!!

When will we see the Red Wings?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

the Detroit Hockey Association no longer exists

I now have confirmation  from MAHA  that the Detroit Hockey Association no longer exists. I regret having to report this...but..this is what happens when rules are  not  followed.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Low-Down Dirty Shame

In the mid 1980s,when the Detroit Hockey Association rebuilt itself, no one ever denied members the right to vote on who would lead the association,and help to keep hockey  in Detroit,and their kids off of the streets.  My how times have changed!

After being told by  the Michigan Amateur Hockey Association to bring ALL of the ballots  from the May 12th  election to a  special meeting with the District 2 Council,the DHA ignored this,and showed up empty handed. Excuses flew from the DHA, they claimed vote tampering,they  claimed voter intimidation, they  blamed the City, they blamed the association parents for not getting involved,they blamed everyone but themselves.

The  MAHA District Council gave the DHA  another  chance,ordering them to hold  an election by September 1st 2012. Once again,the DHA put no serious effort  into complying with this,and now NO TEAMS are skating out of Jack Adams  under the DHA flag. This is shameful.

What is worse however is the loss  of QUALIFIED LEADERS who  were  running for offices(and,who likely won  in May) who have taken their kids and talents to other associations now.

Regardless of how you feel about the former DHA board,as people,as association 'leaders', they have dropped the ball,and the DHA is for all intents and  purposes non existent.

None of this was the fault of parents (many of whom never  even knew they were a part of an association),or players,or coaches(some of whom fought  hard for full disclosure and an election). Nor was this the fault of the City,MAHA,or any league.

The  fact is, people were shut out of decision making by a board  that wouldn't and couldn't explain it's actions. Sorry  for  the finger pointing,but at  this time I  think  it is well deserved,and people should never forget those who tore the DHA down..and left it an empty shadow of what it was  just 10 years ago.

Friday, August 31, 2012







Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I  received the following e-mail from MAHA district 2 representative Doug Diroff  at around 2 pm today..What is  the delay in posting the election  results? And.. I  would like an apology from the DHA board members who pronounced me guilty,and didn't  allow me to  hand  out  awards  to the I-program,or the Squirt  team..the e-mail says  it  all:

Doug Diroff
1:59 PM (8 hours ago)
to me
Bill, I spoke with Marilyn yesterday and told her to accept the ballots and the results.  I understand why they were upset, but if the person was asking for advice this should not have invalidated the results.

I'm aware of what has been happening with Detroit and have been working with Will and now Marilyn to continue to grow DHA as a thriving association.

Doug Diroff, MAHA District 2 Chairperson

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Last Word

Once again rumors and innuendo have  begotten lies. The 'major infraction' referred to  by our un-elected  VP has to do  with a parent  from  the I-program,seeking me out and  asking me 3  times, "who from the I-program is  running on  this  ballot?" After  trying to tell  him  3 times over  the  noise of  the  dinner,I put a mark next to the candidates name. It  did NOT change  his  vote. He also told our un-elected VP the  EXACT SAME THING! If we  are  coming  clean on  this  election..lets take  it  all the  way. When  I  was harassed  into leaving the banquet Saturday,I  did so,quietly,for the sake  of the kids there. The harassment began when  someone said  I was  marking  other  people's ballots..however..once in the hall-way..I was  yelled at for 'swaying votes' DARE I   answer people  when they  ask me  who  I  am voting  for,or who I think the best candidate  is?!? According to the  'board  members' there,the only place where the  general membership could formulate an opinion  about  a candidate, was at the  'meet and greet' on  the Thursday before  the  election. NEWSFLASH: Most parents from the  I-program AREN'T AT JACK ADAMS ON THURSDAYS!..ALSO..MOST I-PROGRAM PARENTS DIDN'T EVEN  REALIZE THAT  THEY WERE  PART OF THE ELECTORATE. These parents  were eager  to  work  to  grow  the DHA and  were  anticipating their  role in  making changes  to  help  this  happen. I  was  told  by  the  board members that bringing a petition  to the banquet was  WRONG!..How  dare  I  interrupt  peoples enjoyment,to do  something to protect  the future of the DHA?!? How dare I NOT?? More than 3/4of the people at the  banquet signed  the petition to remove  the  residency clause from the DHA  bylaws. I  have challenged the  un-elected VP  to show me..and the general membership what EXACT  rule was broken during  this far the reply was "have a  nice  day  sweetie"-click.  Just as  during the past 2 seasons,so many  things  were done wrong,and in a way  that  was NOT  democratic at  this election. I have  given you the truth about what  occurred at the banquet, and  I have corroboration ,anything else beyond this,I  WILL consider  defamation of character..The people of the  DHA have asked for a  change,be adults and step down! (the term 'un-elected VP' refers to the fact that last years  elections  were NEVER held,and neither by the  way were any general membership meetings,where people could  request amendments)

Power to the People

"Null and Void"?

Ladies and gentlemen of the Detroit Hockey Association,as of this time,(8:50am Monday May 14th),the general membership of the Detroit Hockey Association have not been  told the results of the election which took place,Saturday May 12th. Instead ,a forwarded message  was sent from the secretary, asserting election tampering,and the election is  now null and void. The Detroit  Hockey Association conducts it's elections  and all meetings under  'Roberts Rules of Order'.  Under Roberts Rules of Order, the case of 'tampering' is non-existing. In  fact two ballots  were  REMOVED by  board  decision, because  the board came to an agreement with those running for positions,to remove  the supposed  tampered ballots and  then  ALL  would  accept the  results of  the  election. Some on  the  current  board have made  it  clear that they believe campaigning  for board members is illegal,it isn't. Some  believe they  can enforce their own union  election rules on  the  membership of  the Detroit Hockey Association,they can't. Two excellent candidates (Wendell Brown,and Greg Hurst) ,who have young  children involved in  this program,PROBABLY won  this  election (for the positions of  President and  Executive Vice President),but the results are not being made public. The General Membership of the Detroit  Hockey Association spoke loud  and clear Saturday,they voted  for  change,but instead we  have the Detroit Hockey  Association being held hostage to the whims  of three  people  who are NO LONGER  legally serving board  members. Please do  the  right  thing,and stop standing  in the way of progress,and let  the will  of  the people  be done. You can  NOT  in  good  conscience disenfranchise  the general membership of  the Detroit Hockey Association,just because  you don't agree  with the results of this  election. I don't want this situation to  become ugly,the  Detroit Hockey Association doesn't need that,but at  the  same  time,what happened Saturday can do one of two  things to the DHA. First,it can  be  the  bright new beginning that we  all know  is needed..OR it  can be the  final black eye on a once proud association,that  would render the DHA  unable to  sustain  itself. This shouldn't be a tough  decision, the  election was held,the  people  spoke,RESPECT THE PEOPLE!

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Today,once again,the actions,and overly dramatic over-reactions, of current board members, have cost the DHA  players. Although struggling  to attract players,some have  seen  fit  to  continually chase away new,and returning players. These same board members blocked an aggressive recruiting program last Fall,and were verry upset  when they found  that more than half of the general membership at Saturday's banquet had signed a petition to REMOVE the 2004 residency rule  from the  current by-laws. If by some quirk of fate,no changes were made at the top of the  DHA board after these elections, then I fear for the future of the DHA.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The nominations are in & upcoming events

Rosland Allen  has received all DHA officer nominations you may also call or text her at 313-475-0192 with any questions regarding the nominees.

Following are the end of the year events per DHA's Secretary Cynthia Wardlaw.

End of the Banquet:
The End of the Year Banquet will take place next Saturday, May 12th 2pm-5pm at Adam Butzel Recreation Center.  All players will receive a participation trophy at the Awards Banquet.  The players and coaches are FREE and additional tickets (i.e. parents and siblings) are $10.00 per person.  I will have tickets available on Saturday, May 5th.  I will need a confirmation of who will be attending the banquet by Wednesday, May 9th.  Please either email, text, or call (Cynthia Wardlaw 313-727-7330 or me to confirm you will be in attendance. 

Upcoming Events:
May 9, 2012 (Wednesday):The last day of skating for the I-Program for this season
May 10, 2012 (Thursday):The last day of practice for the Squirts & Peewees for this season
May 12, 2012 (Saturday):The End of the Year Awards Banquet (This is where each player receives there trophy and the DHA board elections will also take place on this date)

Equipment return for the I-Program:
The I-Program receives loaner equipment and this equipment must be returned at the end of the season.  This equipment maybe returned May 9-12, 2012. Please remember equipment should be returned clean and in general good repair.

Volunteers Needed!!!!
I still need volunteers to help clean up our equipment cage.  Anyone that is able to come out and help for the next couple of practices I could really use a hand in sorting, organizing, and cleaning our equipment cage up before we close out the season.  Any and all help is and would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Registration Fees:
If anyone has a past due balance these must be paid ASAP!!!!  You will not be able to register for the upcoming season with a past due balance.  Please also remember for DHA board positions or voting privileges you must be a member in good standing this includes having a fees paid in full.  *Please contact me (Cynthia Wardlaw) regarding any question regarding past due balances.
Please look for information at the banquet and throughout the summer regarding early registration discounts.  That's right if you register early for next season you can save yourself some extra cash!!

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.


Cynthia Wardlaw

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

DHA Board Election Nominations Due Saturday, May 5th - Nominate Someone

Date: 4/28/2012

To: The General Membership
Re: DHA Board Elections Well it’s that time of the year!!! It’s election time!!

You all have one week, starting today to put your nominations in for our board. Now the person you nominate will have to be an active member and in good standings (Article III) no outstanding bills, etc…. Also, persons on the election committee will not qualify for any position due to conflict of interest.

All nominees must be residence of Detroit, MI, according to the 2004 bylaws. In order to vote you must be 18 and older. Each household has (2) votes. To vote you must also be a member in good standings, your Secretary will have that info for you.
 If you don’t have a copy of the by-laws, you can obtain them from the DHA website HYPERLINK

All positions are open (see descriptions at the bottom of this message).
The board positions up for election consist of President, Exec. Vice President, Director of Teams, Secretary, Treasurer, Ass.Sec./Treasurer, At-Large Members (2).

 If you have any questions feel free to contact me via email or send a text, just put your name in text so I know who you are please, 313-475-0192. Roz Allen

*FYI: All nominations must be submitted to the DHA nominating committee by Saturday, May 5, 2012. Please submit your nominations electronically at or in person to the nominating committee and include the following information.

Nominee’s Name: ________________________________________
Position Nominating For: ___________________________________
Nominated By: __________________________________________
Date Submitted: ________________________________________

Following are descriptions of the responsibilities associated with each position:

 Section 1: Elected Positions
a) President: The President is the Chief Executive of the DHA. In her/his capacity, the President shall fulfill the following responsibilities:
1) Exercise general supervision over the business activities of the DHA.
2) Serve as an ex officio member of the all-standing committees.
3) Preside at all meetings held by the DHA.
4) Communicate expectations with respect to rules, regulations and conduct to the coaches, managers, and parents.
5) Uphold and enforce the Bylaws of the DHA.
6) Enter into any and all legally binding contracts, agreements and other relationships, acting on behalf of the Association and at the direction of the Board.
7) Shall represent the DHA to the City of Detroit, Michigan Amateur Hockey Association (MAHA), USA Hockey and any other organizations.
8) Oversee the annual audit and quarterly reports of the financial books of the DHA.
9) Shall be authorized to act and take immediate action on decisions pertaining to the DHA in lieu of the Board in an emergency situation. Each Board member shall be notified within 48 hours of such actions.
10) Shall be an authorized signer at financial institutions holding DHA funds
11) Designate the chairperson or acting chairperson on all committees where the position is not filled with the approval of the Board.
12) Supervise and direct the activities of all officers and Directors of the Board and see that the respective functions of those members are performed.

b) Executive Vice-President: The Executive Vice President shall act in the place of the President, in his/her absence. While serving in this capacity, the Vice-President shall have full authority and privileges of the office of President. The Vice President shall:
1) Assist the President in the performance of her/his duties.
2) Be an authorized signer at financial institutions holding DHA funds.
3) Serve as the DHA representative to the Adams Butzel Advisory Committee and the MAHA District 2 meetings.
4) Be responsible for obtaining the appropriate permit(s) for conducting DHA fundraising raffles and lotteries.
5) Perform any duties assigned by the President and/or the Board.

c) Director of Teams: The Director of Teams shall oversee the operation of the House and Travel Program. In this capacity, the Director of Teams shall
1) Provide applications for DHA coaching and manager positions to all interested parties and function as primary contact person for all coaching applicants.
2) Make recommendations to the Board regarding the appointment of head coaches.
3) Appoint or remove coaches, assistant coaches, and managers until such time as the Board may approve or disapprove of the action.
4) Secure documentation to ensure that all coaches are certified.
5) Prepare, maintain, and update the DHA Manager's Handbook.
6) Represent DHA coaches at Board and League meetings.
7) Be responsible, in conjunction with the coaches, in assessing the skills of players, proper placement of teams in leagues.
8) Not be a coach, assistant coach, or manager of a team, except as specifically authorized by the Board.
9) Collaborate with the CEP/ACE manager and facilitate the training and education of coaches.
10) Make recommendations to the Board regarding the number of teams and levels (A, AA, B, Girls, etc.) for each age group. This recommendation must be presented to the Board before or on August 15. 11) Plan and coordinate all player tryouts and drafting of teams in each House division.
12) Supervise and assign responsibilities to the Manager Coordinator.
13) Perform any duties assigned by the President and/or the Board.

d) Secretary: The Secretary shall
1) Post notification of all DHA meetings.
2) Maintain the DHA bulletin Board located outside of the “Pro Shop.”
3) Keep true minutes of all DHA meetings and provide copies of the minutes of previous Board meetings to each Board member.
4) Keep accurate records of all DHA members.
5) Be responsible for all mailings.
6) Conduct all official correspondence, as directed by the President,
7) Report to the President any and all correspondence and other information received, and maintain an accurate and up-to-date file of all correspondence.
8) Provide current copies of the DHA By-laws to all members by posting a copy of the Bylaws on the “Pro Shop” bulletin board and/or on the DHA website, or otherwise distributing copies of the Bylaws. 9) Be an authorized signer at financial institutions holding DHA funds.
10) File any necessary insurance claims on behalf of any DHA member, if there is not a Risk Manager. 11) Re-file the DHA’s non-profit application with the State of Michigan.
12) Perform other duties assigned by the President and/or the Board.

e) Treasurer: The Treasurer shall
1) Have custody of all DHA funds.
2) Keep the books, issue quarterly reports to the Board and to the general members, and undergo an annual audit.
3) Be an authorized signer at financial institutions holding DHA funds.
4) Disburse all funds, based on proper receipts and all checks must be endorsed by two persons: him/herself or the Assistant Secretary/Treasurer and by one (1) of the following: the President, Executive Vice President, Secretary, or Assistant Secretary/Treasurer.
5) Treasurer shall prepare a budget for the approval of the Board and dissemination to the membership prior to Labor Day.
6) Be responsible for arranging an annual independent audit of the records.
7) Be bonded in the amount of $100,000 Dollars and record such bond with the Secretary.
8) Assist the Vice-President and other committees on fund-raising projects.
9) Be responsible for the supervision of the collection of registration fees and moneys collected through fund-raising activities.
10) Receive financial statements from each Team manager as specified in these Bylaws.
11) Perform any other duties assigned by the President and/or the Board.

f) Assistant Secretary/Treasurer: The Assistant Secretary/Treasurer shall
1) Act in the place of or with, the Secretary or Treasurer as needed.
2) Assist the Secretary and/or Treasurer as necessary.
3) Be bonded in the amount of $100,000 Dollars and record such bond with the Secretary.
4) Perform any duties assigned by the President, and/or the Board.

g) At-Large Members: Two (2) At-Large members shall represent the DHA Membership and shall participate in at least one standing committee. They shall also perform any duties ' assigned by the President and/or the Board.

h) President Emeritus: The position of President Emeritus shall be held by a past President of the DHA. He/she shall act as a link between the former and current Boards, their practices, and shall serve as the DHA’s ambassador to other hockey organizations, particularly the NHL Diversity Task Force. If this position is unfilled and a past President is not available or willing to fulfill the duties of the position, then the duties of the President Emeritus shall revert to the President.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

End of season events: Coaches vs. Players, Annual Banquet, and DHA elections

Hello everyone,
I hope and pray all is well with each one of you!:-)
I have some very important updates for you please save these upcoming dates on your calendar.
I would like to begin by thanking each parent, player, and coach for a wonderful 2011-2012. We appreciate your continued support of the Detroit Hockey Association (DHA) and thank you for the opportunity of allowing us to be a part of your lives through the wonderful game of hockey. I hope and pray it has been a positive experience for you and I am looking forward to an even better 2012-2013 season with your continued support!!!
Next I would like to congratulate and wish the Squirt and Peewee team good luck and continued success in their Spring season!!! Go Dragons!!
Okay now to our important upcoming events. I know many of you are starting to get busy with other sports and activities; there are just a few more very important events that I would like to see all of the players participating in if possible.
Important Dates:
April 28, 2012 (Saturday): Kids vs Coaches game (That's right the kids get to play the coaches in a game please see times for games below)
I-Program vs. Coaches game @ 12pm
Squirt & Peewee vs. Coaches game @ 2pm
May 5, 2012 (Saturday):This will be the last Saturday of skating for both the I-Program & Competitive teams.
May 9, 2012 (Wednesday):The last day of skating for the I-Program for this season
May 10, 2012 (Thursday):The last day of practice for the Squirts & Peewees for this season
* Equipment return for the I-Program:
The I-Program can return equipment May 9-12, 2012. Please remember equipment should be returned clean.
Please look for additional emails and updates regarding some of the above dates.
Volunteers Needed!!!!
Volunteers needed this Saturday, April 28, 2012 10am-2pm, which is Motor-City Makeover Day. Each organization within the ABC complex is required to clean-up their specific area inside and outside. We need your help!!! We especially need help with cleaning the equipment cage!! So please come out and support us and help make our arena sparkle!!!
FYI: The Detroit Dragon Peewee B champions will be recognize along with the other Little Caesar Amateur Hockey League house championship teams on May 5, 2012 at Comerica Park on the field at a Tiger's game. For anyone interesting in attending the game and supporting the Peewee team tickets are $20 for the baseball game. Please see Cynthia for ticket information.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
Thank You,
Cynthia Wardlaw

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I have  requested an EMERGENCY meeting of the  board of  directors of the  Detroit Hockey association, on Wednesday April 11 2012 7:30 p.m. @ Jack Adams arena,to address some important issues that need immediate attention. If  you  are a board member in any capacity,please attend. Thank You.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Break notes




*I'll be there passing out flyers to recruitment more players any volunteers would be greatly appreciated!!!

Have a wonderful holiday!!!!


Saturday, March 31, 2012


The Detroit Hockey Association's (DHA) bylaws speak to a spirit of mutual respect and teamwork amongst and between players, parents, coaches, fans, and board-members:

Section 11: Parents/Guardians
Item 1: Responsibilities
Parental supervision is mandatory.

Item 2: Involvement
Parental involvement is encouraged by the DHA.  
Parents assuming support roles are required to maintain good sportsmanship and an environment tailored to encourage each child enrolled in the program.

The Board shall enforce each decision by a two third, majority vote.

Section 1: Players

Item 1: Minor Infractions
Coaches may suspend a player for up to (3) games whom:
a) Exhibits insubordination, poor attitude, improper language and/or lack of interest.
b) Arrives late.
c) Engages him/herself in destructive behavior.
Coaches must notify the President or Vice President within 72 hours of any disciplinary action
taken. Coaches must submit a Uniform Incident Report to the Board within one week of issuing
the discipline.  The Board may review, modify, or uphold the disciplinary action undertaken by
the coach (es).

Item 2: Major Infractions
Coaches may request, in writing, to the Board, the release of a player whom:
a) Exhibits habitual and deliberate insubordination, poor attitude, improper language and/or
lack of interest or excessively violent behavior (constant fighting in scrimmages or games).
b) Habitually arrives late.
c) Exhibits deviant, antisocial behavior.
d) Plays under the influence of, or found in possession of drugs or alcohol.
e) Possesses a weapon.
f) Deliberately and knowledgeably attempts to injure another player.

Section 2: Coaches/Managers

Item 1: Minor Infractions
The Board may discipline any Coach or Manager who:
a) Exhibits unsportsmanlike or discriminative conduct.
b) Verbally abuses players, officials and/or spectators.
c) Assigns ice time unequally.

Item 2: Major Infractions
The Board may remove any coach or manager permanently who:
a) Exhibits habitual and deliberate insubordination, poor attitude, improper language and/or
lack of interest.
b) Habitually arrives late and/or is absent for an extended period without notice.
c) Exhibits deviant, antisocial behavior.
d) Coaches/manages under the influence or in possession of drugs or alcohol.
e) Possesses a weapon, with the exception of law enforcement officers.
f) Habitually verbally abuses players, officials and/or spectators.
g) Violates DHA Policy (MORE)

Friday, March 30, 2012

Election /A new beginning

As the 2011/2012 season comes to  a  close, I would like  to  take a minute to thank all of  the parents from the I-program.  And offer a special note thanks  to  Coach Marcus Norwood also. The kids involved in the I-program are  the  future of the Detroit Hockey Association and if their parents continue to be so supportive,the DHA will be in good hands in the  future.

However, as a  returning  coach and a  former board member, I have to admit to being unhappy with the  number of players involved with our  teams.  And I wonder every day,  why we didn't follow through with our recruiting  plans from last  Summer. This is water under  the bridge now,and the future of hockey at Jack Adams arena will now rest in the  hands of those who  will vote for new board members this year.

I truly hope that an election takes place,and the  torch is  passed to a new generation,with new ideas, who will keep Hockey going strong  at Jack Adams  for years to  come. Please take time to review the DHA Bylaws (link) to learn more about the open DHA board positions.

Detroit Hockey Association upcoming events

We are having a picture day tomorrow (March 31, 2012) beginning at 12pm. 
Next we would like to congratulate the Peewee team for winning the championship for their division!!!!! Way to go Dragons!!! Your hard work, commitment, and dedication paid off and you are the champions!!!

The 2011-2012 hockey season is slowly coming to a close. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we have. It has been great to see the players grow and improve in their skills over these months of hockey!! Both of our competitive teams are preparing for the upcoming spring league. We wish them good luck and much success!!! 
It is our plan to skate until at least the second week in May. So our last day of skating is tentatively set for May 12, 2012. If this should change I will let you know as soon as I am aware. With that said we have about a month and half of skating left. Please take advantage of this making sure you are still attending your practices!!! In the next couple of weeks we hope to have clinics set-up to help with further skill development so please look for more information to come regarding this.

Registration Fees:
If you owe any fees please make arrangements to pay these as soon as possible. All fees at this time are past due and need to be paid. Remember you will not be allowed to register for next season if you an outstanding balance.

FYI: We will once again be offering early registration along with discounts please look for more information regarding upcoming.

Annual End of the Year Banquet and Board Member Elections:
We are still making plans for the End of the Year Banquet. Please look for updates regarding this in the next few weeks.

Important Dates:
March 30, 2012: Edna Murray Foundation Skating Party 6pm-9pm (This is a fundraiser Mrs. Murray does in honor of her daughter who previously skated at Jack Adams who died in a tragic bus accident to raise money for scholarships she gives a way. The tickets are $5, if you can please support her!!!

March 31, 2012: Picture Day starting at 12pm

April 7, 2012: Easter Fun Festival at the Belle Isle Casino from 11am-3pm. A fun-filled event for youth 12 and under. There will be bouncers, food, face painting, Easter egg hunt, and etc.

April 28, 2012: Players vs. Coaches game (tentative date times to announced later)

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank You,

Cynthia Wardlaw

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Detroit Dragons Peewees Capture LCAHL Smythe Division Crown!

Detroit Dragons Peewees Capture LCAHL Smythe Division Crown by 5-2 score.

Stay tuned for more details.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hockey in the Hood in the News - 2012

March 5, 2012 - Youth Hockey Examiner: "Hockey in the Hood" successfully hosts its 8th tournament -by: Warren Shaw.

March 4, 2012 - The Michigan Citizen: Hockey in the Hood attracts suburban teams to the city - by: Harry M. Anderson, Jr.

3/11/2012 - The New Citizens Press: March Hockey In The Hood still successful despite changes and financial shortcomings
 - by: Harry M. Anderson, Jr.

 A Google search of hockey news "hockey in the hood" 2012 yielded the results listed above.  This search also uncovered the following article about HITH VI in 2009 from "America's Sports Radio Network" - SCORES.FM -  Hockey in the Hood: Its Game On for All.

Hockey in the Hood 8 was also listed as an 'upcoming event' in Michigan's Official Travel and Tourism Site PURE MICHIGAN  

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Detroit Dragons Peewee B

Congratulations to the Detroit Dragons Peewee B team for making it to the LCAHL Championship game after a two game win today at the semi finals and the finals, 1st game win 7-4 and the 2nd game win 5-4, and after a double over time game in which the Dragons clench their VICTORY win, Great job Boy's and Girl. Way to go!!!! Special shout out to a great coaching staff Coach Al, Coach Drake and Manager Cynthia and a supportive group of parents. See you ALL next week in Melvindale.

Monday, February 27, 2012

HITH VIII Champions & final day photos

Detroit Hockey i-Program and Clark Park Hockey learn to play participants

Detroit Dragons and Kensington Valley Generals team photo from Hockey in the Hood 8 finals
HITH VIII Pee Wee Champions Kensington Valley Generals with Willie O'Cup championship trophy

Farmington Hills Scorpions and Royal Oak Jets Bantams at Jack Adams Arena - Livonia Blues were HITH VIII champs

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hockey in the Hood 8 finals to be played outdoors at Clark Park - Sunday (2/26/12)

Traditionally, HITH finals games have been played inside at Jack Adams Arena. This year Hockey in the Hood VIII championship games will be played outdoors at Clark Park in the afternoon. Additional games are scheduled for Sunday morning.

Following are the morning game times:
- 8:00 AM: Columbus Stars Pee Wees vs. Kesington Valley Generals
- 9:30 AM: Canton Crossfire Pee Wees vs. Detroit Dragons
- 11:00 AM: Detroit Hockey Association i-Program vs. Clark Park learn to play exhibition game

- Pee Wee: 12:30 PM
- Bantam: 2:30 PM

The Pee Wee and Bantam teams will be playing for the privilege of having their names added to the 'Willie O' Cup' named in honor of Willie O'Ree.  O'Ree broke the color barrier as the first African Canadian player in the NHL.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hockey in the Hood update

Hockey in the Hood 8 games will be played at both Jack Adams Memorial Arena - 10500 Lyndon Ave. Detroit 48221 on the West side of Detroit and Clark Park Outdoors - 1130 Clark St. Detroit 48209 in Southwest Detroit.

Games begin this Friday (2/24) 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm on both rinks, continue on Saturday (2/25) 8:00 am – 6:00 pm at both rinks, and conclude on Sunday (2/26) from 8:00 am-4:00 pm at the Clark Park Outdoor Rink.

NEW THIS YEAR: HITH 8 Championships 12:30 pm - 4:00 pm at Clark Park.

Stay tuned for more details as team lineups are announced.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hockey in the Hood 8 teams announced- Squirt B section has spots open for three competitive teams

This year, Hockey in the Hood will include the following teams.

Pee Wee
- Detroit Dragons/Detroit Hockey Association
- Kensinton Valley Generals/Kensington Valley Hockey Association
- Flint Ice Raiders/Greater Flint Hockey Association
- Canton Crossfire/Canton Hockey Association
- Columbus Stars/Columbus Ice Hockey Club

- Garden City Stars/Garden City Hockey Association
- Royal Oak Jets/Royal Oak Hockey Association
- Royal Oak "Nonames"/Royal Oak Hockey Association
- Farmington Hills Scorpions/Farmington HIlls Hockey Association
- Livonia Blues/Livonia Hockey Association

- Woodhaven Leafs/Woodhaven Hockey Association
- Detroit Dragons/Detroit Hockey Association
- Teams to be named later - three spots are open.

The Detroit Hockey Association invites three competitive Squirt B teams to join Hockey in the Hood VIII. Please contact DHA President Will McCants via email if you are interested in learning more.

The Detroit Dragons Squirts and the Woodhaven Squirts split two regular season games in theLittle Caesars Lindsay Orange Division. Woodhaven won the first game at home 1-0 and Detroit won its game 3-2 with a penalty shot. Woodhaven hosted a scrimmage on their ice and again won by a 1-0 score. These two teams are very evenly matched. Woodhaven gladly accepted their invitation to return to Detroit and participate in Hockey in the Hood 8.

"Our teams play well against each other and it makes for a fun game. I spoke to our parents and they are a go for the HITH tournament."


Dave Lenden
Woodhaven Squirt B

Hockey in the Hood 7 photo provided courtesy of Ed Krasinksi