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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Low-Down Dirty Shame

In the mid 1980s,when the Detroit Hockey Association rebuilt itself, no one ever denied members the right to vote on who would lead the association,and help to keep hockey  in Detroit,and their kids off of the streets.  My how times have changed!

After being told by  the Michigan Amateur Hockey Association to bring ALL of the ballots  from the May 12th  election to a  special meeting with the District 2 Council,the DHA ignored this,and showed up empty handed. Excuses flew from the DHA, they claimed vote tampering,they  claimed voter intimidation, they  blamed the City, they blamed the association parents for not getting involved,they blamed everyone but themselves.

The  MAHA District Council gave the DHA  another  chance,ordering them to hold  an election by September 1st 2012. Once again,the DHA put no serious effort  into complying with this,and now NO TEAMS are skating out of Jack Adams  under the DHA flag. This is shameful.

What is worse however is the loss  of QUALIFIED LEADERS who  were  running for offices(and,who likely won  in May) who have taken their kids and talents to other associations now.

Regardless of how you feel about the former DHA board,as people,as association 'leaders', they have dropped the ball,and the DHA is for all intents and  purposes non existent.

None of this was the fault of parents (many of whom never  even knew they were a part of an association),or players,or coaches(some of whom fought  hard for full disclosure and an election). Nor was this the fault of the City,MAHA,or any league.

The  fact is, people were shut out of decision making by a board  that wouldn't and couldn't explain it's actions. Sorry  for  the finger pointing,but at  this time I  think  it is well deserved,and people should never forget those who tore the DHA down..and left it an empty shadow of what it was  just 10 years ago.

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