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Monday, May 14, 2012

"Null and Void"?

Ladies and gentlemen of the Detroit Hockey Association,as of this time,(8:50am Monday May 14th),the general membership of the Detroit Hockey Association have not been  told the results of the election which took place,Saturday May 12th. Instead ,a forwarded message  was sent from the secretary, asserting election tampering,and the election is  now null and void. The Detroit  Hockey Association conducts it's elections  and all meetings under  'Roberts Rules of Order'.  Under Roberts Rules of Order, the case of 'tampering' is non-existing. In  fact two ballots  were  REMOVED by  board  decision, because  the board came to an agreement with those running for positions,to remove  the supposed  tampered ballots and  then  ALL  would  accept the  results of  the  election. Some on  the  current  board have made  it  clear that they believe campaigning  for board members is illegal,it isn't. Some  believe they  can enforce their own union  election rules on  the  membership of  the Detroit Hockey Association,they can't. Two excellent candidates (Wendell Brown,and Greg Hurst) ,who have young  children involved in  this program,PROBABLY won  this  election (for the positions of  President and  Executive Vice President),but the results are not being made public. The General Membership of the Detroit  Hockey Association spoke loud  and clear Saturday,they voted  for  change,but instead we  have the Detroit Hockey  Association being held hostage to the whims  of three  people  who are NO LONGER  legally serving board  members. Please do  the  right  thing,and stop standing  in the way of progress,and let  the will  of  the people  be done. You can  NOT  in  good  conscience disenfranchise  the general membership of  the Detroit Hockey Association,just because  you don't agree  with the results of this  election. I don't want this situation to  become ugly,the  Detroit Hockey Association doesn't need that,but at  the  same  time,what happened Saturday can do one of two  things to the DHA. First,it can  be  the  bright new beginning that we  all know  is needed..OR it  can be the  final black eye on a once proud association,that  would render the DHA  unable to  sustain  itself. This shouldn't be a tough  decision, the  election was held,the  people  spoke,RESPECT THE PEOPLE!

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