This Blog provides Detroit area youth hockey news. It was originally the blog of the now defunct Detroit Hockey Association, the most affordable youth ice hockey organization in Michigan based at Jack Adams Arena in Detroit. The Clark Park Coalition keeps this tradition alive in Southwest Detroit.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Today,once again,the actions,and overly dramatic over-reactions, of current board members, have cost the DHA  players. Although struggling  to attract players,some have  seen  fit  to  continually chase away new,and returning players. These same board members blocked an aggressive recruiting program last Fall,and were verry upset  when they found  that more than half of the general membership at Saturday's banquet had signed a petition to REMOVE the 2004 residency rule  from the  current by-laws. If by some quirk of fate,no changes were made at the top of the  DHA board after these elections, then I fear for the future of the DHA.

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