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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

DHA Board Election Nominations Due Saturday, May 5th - Nominate Someone

Date: 4/28/2012

To: The General Membership
Re: DHA Board Elections Well it’s that time of the year!!! It’s election time!!

You all have one week, starting today to put your nominations in for our board. Now the person you nominate will have to be an active member and in good standings (Article III) no outstanding bills, etc…. Also, persons on the election committee will not qualify for any position due to conflict of interest.

All nominees must be residence of Detroit, MI, according to the 2004 bylaws. In order to vote you must be 18 and older. Each household has (2) votes. To vote you must also be a member in good standings, your Secretary will have that info for you.
 If you don’t have a copy of the by-laws, you can obtain them from the DHA website HYPERLINK

All positions are open (see descriptions at the bottom of this message).
The board positions up for election consist of President, Exec. Vice President, Director of Teams, Secretary, Treasurer, Ass.Sec./Treasurer, At-Large Members (2).

 If you have any questions feel free to contact me via email or send a text, just put your name in text so I know who you are please, 313-475-0192. Roz Allen

*FYI: All nominations must be submitted to the DHA nominating committee by Saturday, May 5, 2012. Please submit your nominations electronically at or in person to the nominating committee and include the following information.

Nominee’s Name: ________________________________________
Position Nominating For: ___________________________________
Nominated By: __________________________________________
Date Submitted: ________________________________________

Following are descriptions of the responsibilities associated with each position:

 Section 1: Elected Positions
a) President: The President is the Chief Executive of the DHA. In her/his capacity, the President shall fulfill the following responsibilities:
1) Exercise general supervision over the business activities of the DHA.
2) Serve as an ex officio member of the all-standing committees.
3) Preside at all meetings held by the DHA.
4) Communicate expectations with respect to rules, regulations and conduct to the coaches, managers, and parents.
5) Uphold and enforce the Bylaws of the DHA.
6) Enter into any and all legally binding contracts, agreements and other relationships, acting on behalf of the Association and at the direction of the Board.
7) Shall represent the DHA to the City of Detroit, Michigan Amateur Hockey Association (MAHA), USA Hockey and any other organizations.
8) Oversee the annual audit and quarterly reports of the financial books of the DHA.
9) Shall be authorized to act and take immediate action on decisions pertaining to the DHA in lieu of the Board in an emergency situation. Each Board member shall be notified within 48 hours of such actions.
10) Shall be an authorized signer at financial institutions holding DHA funds
11) Designate the chairperson or acting chairperson on all committees where the position is not filled with the approval of the Board.
12) Supervise and direct the activities of all officers and Directors of the Board and see that the respective functions of those members are performed.

b) Executive Vice-President: The Executive Vice President shall act in the place of the President, in his/her absence. While serving in this capacity, the Vice-President shall have full authority and privileges of the office of President. The Vice President shall:
1) Assist the President in the performance of her/his duties.
2) Be an authorized signer at financial institutions holding DHA funds.
3) Serve as the DHA representative to the Adams Butzel Advisory Committee and the MAHA District 2 meetings.
4) Be responsible for obtaining the appropriate permit(s) for conducting DHA fundraising raffles and lotteries.
5) Perform any duties assigned by the President and/or the Board.

c) Director of Teams: The Director of Teams shall oversee the operation of the House and Travel Program. In this capacity, the Director of Teams shall
1) Provide applications for DHA coaching and manager positions to all interested parties and function as primary contact person for all coaching applicants.
2) Make recommendations to the Board regarding the appointment of head coaches.
3) Appoint or remove coaches, assistant coaches, and managers until such time as the Board may approve or disapprove of the action.
4) Secure documentation to ensure that all coaches are certified.
5) Prepare, maintain, and update the DHA Manager's Handbook.
6) Represent DHA coaches at Board and League meetings.
7) Be responsible, in conjunction with the coaches, in assessing the skills of players, proper placement of teams in leagues.
8) Not be a coach, assistant coach, or manager of a team, except as specifically authorized by the Board.
9) Collaborate with the CEP/ACE manager and facilitate the training and education of coaches.
10) Make recommendations to the Board regarding the number of teams and levels (A, AA, B, Girls, etc.) for each age group. This recommendation must be presented to the Board before or on August 15. 11) Plan and coordinate all player tryouts and drafting of teams in each House division.
12) Supervise and assign responsibilities to the Manager Coordinator.
13) Perform any duties assigned by the President and/or the Board.

d) Secretary: The Secretary shall
1) Post notification of all DHA meetings.
2) Maintain the DHA bulletin Board located outside of the “Pro Shop.”
3) Keep true minutes of all DHA meetings and provide copies of the minutes of previous Board meetings to each Board member.
4) Keep accurate records of all DHA members.
5) Be responsible for all mailings.
6) Conduct all official correspondence, as directed by the President,
7) Report to the President any and all correspondence and other information received, and maintain an accurate and up-to-date file of all correspondence.
8) Provide current copies of the DHA By-laws to all members by posting a copy of the Bylaws on the “Pro Shop” bulletin board and/or on the DHA website, or otherwise distributing copies of the Bylaws. 9) Be an authorized signer at financial institutions holding DHA funds.
10) File any necessary insurance claims on behalf of any DHA member, if there is not a Risk Manager. 11) Re-file the DHA’s non-profit application with the State of Michigan.
12) Perform other duties assigned by the President and/or the Board.

e) Treasurer: The Treasurer shall
1) Have custody of all DHA funds.
2) Keep the books, issue quarterly reports to the Board and to the general members, and undergo an annual audit.
3) Be an authorized signer at financial institutions holding DHA funds.
4) Disburse all funds, based on proper receipts and all checks must be endorsed by two persons: him/herself or the Assistant Secretary/Treasurer and by one (1) of the following: the President, Executive Vice President, Secretary, or Assistant Secretary/Treasurer.
5) Treasurer shall prepare a budget for the approval of the Board and dissemination to the membership prior to Labor Day.
6) Be responsible for arranging an annual independent audit of the records.
7) Be bonded in the amount of $100,000 Dollars and record such bond with the Secretary.
8) Assist the Vice-President and other committees on fund-raising projects.
9) Be responsible for the supervision of the collection of registration fees and moneys collected through fund-raising activities.
10) Receive financial statements from each Team manager as specified in these Bylaws.
11) Perform any other duties assigned by the President and/or the Board.

f) Assistant Secretary/Treasurer: The Assistant Secretary/Treasurer shall
1) Act in the place of or with, the Secretary or Treasurer as needed.
2) Assist the Secretary and/or Treasurer as necessary.
3) Be bonded in the amount of $100,000 Dollars and record such bond with the Secretary.
4) Perform any duties assigned by the President, and/or the Board.

g) At-Large Members: Two (2) At-Large members shall represent the DHA Membership and shall participate in at least one standing committee. They shall also perform any duties ' assigned by the President and/or the Board.

h) President Emeritus: The position of President Emeritus shall be held by a past President of the DHA. He/she shall act as a link between the former and current Boards, their practices, and shall serve as the DHA’s ambassador to other hockey organizations, particularly the NHL Diversity Task Force. If this position is unfilled and a past President is not available or willing to fulfill the duties of the position, then the duties of the President Emeritus shall revert to the President.

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