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Monday, May 14, 2012

The Last Word

Once again rumors and innuendo have  begotten lies. The 'major infraction' referred to  by our un-elected  VP has to do  with a parent  from  the I-program,seeking me out and  asking me 3  times, "who from the I-program is  running on  this  ballot?" After  trying to tell  him  3 times over  the  noise of  the  dinner,I put a mark next to the candidates name. It  did NOT change  his  vote. He also told our un-elected VP the  EXACT SAME THING! If we  are  coming  clean on  this  election..lets take  it  all the  way. When  I  was harassed  into leaving the banquet Saturday,I  did so,quietly,for the sake  of the kids there. The harassment began when  someone said  I was  marking  other  people's ballots..however..once in the hall-way..I was  yelled at for 'swaying votes' DARE I   answer people  when they  ask me  who  I  am voting  for,or who I think the best candidate  is?!? According to the  'board  members' there,the only place where the  general membership could formulate an opinion  about  a candidate, was at the  'meet and greet' on  the Thursday before  the  election. NEWSFLASH: Most parents from the  I-program AREN'T AT JACK ADAMS ON THURSDAYS!..ALSO..MOST I-PROGRAM PARENTS DIDN'T EVEN  REALIZE THAT  THEY WERE  PART OF THE ELECTORATE. These parents  were eager  to  work  to  grow  the DHA and  were  anticipating their  role in  making changes  to  help  this  happen. I  was  told  by  the  board members that bringing a petition  to the banquet was  WRONG!..How  dare  I  interrupt  peoples enjoyment,to do  something to protect  the future of the DHA?!? How dare I NOT?? More than 3/4of the people at the  banquet signed  the petition to remove  the  residency clause from the DHA  bylaws. I  have challenged the  un-elected VP  to show me..and the general membership what EXACT  rule was broken during  this far the reply was "have a  nice  day  sweetie"-click.  Just as  during the past 2 seasons,so many  things  were done wrong,and in a way  that  was NOT  democratic at  this election. I have  given you the truth about what  occurred at the banquet, and  I have corroboration ,anything else beyond this,I  WILL consider  defamation of character..The people of the  DHA have asked for a  change,be adults and step down! (the term 'un-elected VP' refers to the fact that last years  elections  were NEVER held,and neither by the  way were any general membership meetings,where people could  request amendments)

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