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Friday, March 30, 2012

Election /A new beginning

As the 2011/2012 season comes to  a  close, I would like  to  take a minute to thank all of  the parents from the I-program.  And offer a special note thanks  to  Coach Marcus Norwood also. The kids involved in the I-program are  the  future of the Detroit Hockey Association and if their parents continue to be so supportive,the DHA will be in good hands in the  future.

However, as a  returning  coach and a  former board member, I have to admit to being unhappy with the  number of players involved with our  teams.  And I wonder every day,  why we didn't follow through with our recruiting  plans from last  Summer. This is water under  the bridge now,and the future of hockey at Jack Adams arena will now rest in the  hands of those who  will vote for new board members this year.

I truly hope that an election takes place,and the  torch is  passed to a new generation,with new ideas, who will keep Hockey going strong  at Jack Adams  for years to  come. Please take time to review the DHA Bylaws (link) to learn more about the open DHA board positions.

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  1. Because of recent events @ Jack Adams,I find it necessary to request an EMERGENCY board meeting on Wednesday April 11, 7:30 p.m. @ Jack Adams. There are some issues which need to be resolved,and quickly. If you're a board member,in any capacity,please be sure to attend.