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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Stay in School - Play Hockey

A recent USA Today title read Big City Schools Struggle with graduation rates . This comes as no surprise. Sadly, it is also no surprise that Detroit won the infamous "worst of the worst" award by a landslide.

Detroit schools graduated only 21.7% of their high school students! Baltimore was 2nd worst. Yet they did managed to graduate 38.5% of their students.

The Detroit Hockey Association is a great success story when it comes to graduation rates in Detroit! In marked contrast to the depressing overall Detroit record, all Detroit Hockey Association players graduate from high school and most go on to college. An academic focus is built-in. The DHA requires its players to share their GPA when they sign up. The program works. It is based on a simple slogan, "where goals are achieved, not just scored."

Any parents interested in helping improve their child's chances of graduating from high school in Metro Detroit should give Detroit Hockey a try. Families need to know that DHA sponsors help ensure the program will continue to deliver the best hockey value in Metro Detroit.

Due to our generous sponsors, the Detroit Hockey Association has not only reduced fees, the DHA is offering a chance for a $25.00 registration discount through August 31, 2007. (*all fees must be paid for the discount to be applied) Please remember regular fees will apply as of September 1, 2007.

2007-2008 Fees:

House Team Player Fees: $300.00 * $275.00 if paid by August 31, 2007

I-Program Player Fees: $ 150.00 * $125.00 if paid by August 31, 2007

House teams pay no ice, but do have ref fees.

I-Program participants pay no ice time, and $75 of the annual fee is a deposit for full equipment sets including all pads, pants, skates, jerseys & sticks.

The Detroit Hockey Association will work with kids three years old and older in Southeastern Michigan. DHA programs are open to all, including parents and caregivers who want to learn to skate with their children.

Parents skate for free!

Feel free to contact any Detroit Hockey Association officer for more information about the upcoming season. The registration form is found here.

Come out and skate - Detroit!

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